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Katico -doctoral hats

Katico -doctoral hats are handmade from quality European materials, and are designed to fit customer's personal head measurements. The doctoral hats are manufactured by highly expertized and experienced founder and owner of Katico-trademark, Kati Ojaver-Heidemann in Estonia. She has hand-crafted over 1600 doctoral hats in her career. The covering material is made of quality polyester-cotton-elastane fabric either in matt or bright, based upon customer's choice. The round bow is made of black velvet. A sample doctoral hat is available for review at our measurement service companies specified in Contact site.

Doctoral emblem
The emblem for the doctoral hat is degree-specific and hand-crafted by Finnish expert goldsmith. The emblem will be attached to the velvet band in the front of the hat. In occasions where special table is set for the doctoral hats, the doctoral hat is always positioned so that the emblem is pointed towards the audience.

Doctoral hat case
The best way to keep the doctoral hat in its optimal shape and condition is to store it in a specific doctoral hat case. The hat case protects from exhaustion and provides high comprehensive maintenance.


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