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Pricing (11/2016)

The prices are updated at least once a year in order to provide competitive rates in the market.

The doctoral hat entities are priced for conferment ceremonies and for individual orders.

The doctoral hat entity includes the hat, emblem, name tag, hat case, delivery and VAT. Measurement is free-of-charge for our customers. Standard delivery is from five to eight weeks and without extra charge. In urgent orders delivery is less than five weeks with 5% fee and 20e added.

Current price range for our doctoral hats is between 495 and 575 euros, depending on the degree, emblem and hat model.

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Individual orders: doctoral hat for theology 495 euros, doctoral hat of medicine, philosophy and economics 575 euros, doctoral hat of technology 595 euros.

We also offer doctoral hat renting for conferment ceremonies. Please request availability and sizes.

Upon request, we are able to deliver emblem or doctoral hat case separately.

Above prices are valid in EU -countries. When delivered outside EU, the VAT is excluded in our invoice. Customer is responsible for custom duties (tax and fees) in the country where delivery is received.

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