HARVEST EB tohtorinhatut | doctoral hats

Harvest EB provides value service for its customers by efficient, flexible and conveniently priced customer-friendly concept. Harvest EB has launched the product entity of Doctoral hats Harvest EB/Katico in 2005. This entity is excellently priced and delivered directly to the customer within 5-8 weeks from the order. The entity includes the doctoral hat, the emblem, the doctoral hat case and the head measurement service. The covering material is provided with two alternative materials, matt / bright, upon the customer's own choice. Both ends are qualitative.

Below some of the feedback we have received from our customers:

  • "I thank Harvest EB for the prompt service, flexibility with the billing and timely delivery of the hat. I would definitely recommend your service to other colleagues who expect to receive their degrees in the future"
  • "Hello,  I received the hat, it's great!  Thanks!"
  • "Hello, I picked up today the hat from the post office.
    It looks great, good job!"
  • "The hat fits and looks very well. Thank you for your service."
  • "I have received today the doctoral hat. It looks gorgeous, thanks!"
  • "Thank you again for the prompt deliver of the doctoral hat and the nice customer care."


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